Fishman Holdings North America Inc. (fhnai)

Fishman Holdings North America Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of MIVNE Fishman Real Estate Group. In 2001, FHNAI started its North American investment activity predominantly in Canada.

Presently the group owns through JEC (Jerusalem Economy Corporation) IBC (Industrial Building Corporation) and Darban (these 3 companies are publicly traded companies in the Tel Aviv stock exchange) over 6 million square feet of commercial properties, consisting of shopping centers and office towers, both in Canada and the United States. The properties are managed day to day by professionals with professional property management companies.

FHNAI is directed by a management team of executives with a wide scope of financial and real estate experience. The team focuses on maximizing values, sensibly reducing risks, while promoting innovation within its portfolio.

The Mivne Fishman Real Estate Group

One of Israel’s most prominent and influential economic groups in the Israeli society. The group is involved in a diversified range of business activities including “Yedioth Ahronoth” (Daily newspaper), “Globes” (Economic newspaper) and “Office Textile” (Industry).

Real Estate Subsidiaries

Jerusalem Economy Ltd. is one of Israel’s largest international real estate companies, developing and managing income-yielding real estate in Israel and the world. Currently, the company manages some 4.2 million sq.m. of rental properties in Israel and abroad, primarily in the industrial, commercial, high-tech and office sectors of which 2.3 million sq.m. are located overseas. The company also invests in developing real estate projects in developing countries

Jerusalem Economy has a 79.22% stake in Industrial Buildings Corporation Ltd. – a publicly traded real estate company. The company develops and builds projects in the residential, industrial, high-tech, storage and commercial sectors in Israel and abroad. Additional activities include the development and construction of building infrastructures for residential projects and property management.

MirLand Development – a company traded on London’s AIM stock exchange and is involved in the development and management of large-scale real estate projects throughout Russia. Jerusalem Economy has a 76.55% stake in MirLand.

Darban Investments – After the start of 2011, the merger between Jerusalem Economy and Darban Investments was completed with Jerusalem Economy holding 100% of the shares.

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